How To Get The Perfect Female Fitness Body

1. Building The Body You Knew You Had 

So this new health regime is designed to create the best body you already had – but we are going to reveal your amazing lines with hard work and diligence. We want a visually pleasing physique – so how do we create strong legs, svelte arms, toned chest, lean back and tight taut flat stomach? Let’s read on and see how. To give you a quick overview of how we will achieve this I have broken the training program down into 4 areas: 

1 – Training Frequency 

The training is split into 3 weeks, switching back and forth between plans. Week 1 is a full on weights workout – we train the body every other day in this week. We’re sculpting your muscles. Week 2 is all about cardio and really burn- ing up fat. These two combined hit the body and turn it into a lean fat blasting machine. This is simple, high impact, time friendly and results driven. Following that, we then focus on keeping the body limber in week 3 with flexi- bility exercises and yoga. These exercises will help not only smooth your curves, but also coordinate your balance. After the half-way mark, we’ll go over the same workouts but more intense. 

2 – Body Fat 

So this is the number one issue to deal with when beginning a new regime. A low body fat will reveal your body to its best potential. This is also why the weights workouts are supersets combined with cardio. We are ramping up your intensity and effort to burn additional calories.

3 – Nutrition 

Nutrition is considered the most important part of building a lean athletic physique. If the nutrition is incorrect then it doesn’t matter how impeccable your training routines are, you will not progress. I’m sure you have an idea about nutrition, but I’m here to give your knowledge a little boast. You’ve heard of high protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats? But what is the most effective foods to eat to get those essential nutrients. So I list each day meal plans which are there for you to follow and create your own by branching off. We also need to take care to stay hydrated – this cleans our systems, regulates body temperature and keeps the entire body hydrated. So with heavy exercise, 3 litres a day is an ideal figure to aim for. 

2. Old Exercises New Tricks 

3 Weeks – Weights, Cardio and Flexibility Cycle 

Week 1 : So as I’ve already said to create our toned and sexy body we utilize a three- week workout and repeat. Week 1 you will train the whole body once with weights and rest Sunday. We will also incorporate lots of walking – every day in fact. Plus running and some cardio routines. And don’t worry about the weights workouts turning you into some kind of hulk. It’s all designed to tone and shape the muscles. 

Week 2 : The second week is all about cardio and toning the overall body. Again I urge you to walk every morning, sometimes we’re going to run. Aim to increase walking where possible, it’s one of the easiest exercises and safest exercises to do and it all counts. Again Sunday is a rest day and a cheat day, so you can relax and enjoy a cheat meal of your choice. 

Week 3 : For the third week, we’ll be focusing on stretching and flexibility. Never stretch further than where your body aches, as this is about relaxing and working out your body. Each day try to extend yourself further and holding your stances longer, but as we won’t be building muscles, we won’t be taking as much pro- tein in our diet.

Supersets to Size  If you’re unfamiliar with Supersets- they are two exercises working opposite muscles. They are time-efficient method of training that we’ll be using and also more intense. By doing sets back-to-back, you reduce your total workout time while still doing the same amount of total work. Super setting is fantastic for pummelling antagonistic muscles – Back/Biceps, Chest/Triceps, Back/Chest and Biceps/Triceps and legs Hams/Glutes. Super- sets increase Lactic Acid production, which helps boost Growth Hormone (GH) levels in the body. The body responds to the reduced pH (increased acidity) in the body from the production of Lactic Acid by secreting GH. GH is a powerful fat loss hormone – which is exactly what we want! 

Power and Intensity  We will be building more explosive power which will therefore build strength faster. This is done using tempo. By this I mean a 1 second pull/push/ on a given move – POWERFUL and with FORCE – and then under perfect control a 4 second release. The muscles are still working all the way. We are working the tempo, the speed of either the concentric (shortening) or eccentric (length- ening) component of the lift. There is no ‘resting’ at the bottom of any move. As soon as you are as close to the bottom of the move – you POWER back up for the 1 second concentric and again release for 4 second eccentric under your complete control. This should give you a great pump and be a challenge to start with. 

Why?  You must have heard of the term TUT – Time Under Tension – there are a num- ber of variations on the term, but they all mean the same. A great many people workout by pulling or pushing a weight, letting it drop and releasing all tension and then doing the rep again. So the actual ‘work’ is only for a very small part of the rep. You may find that you’re actually only working your muscles for 5 minutes in an hour workout! With the 1 second concentric and 4 second eccentric move with ‘no rest’ we work the muscle much harder for longer. Many people will struggle with this at first as it’s so common to do one arm curl, take a break/release all tension and do another. Even a split second rest is still a release of tension. Not good enough. You need to be working your mus- cles 100% of the time during a set. THEN you rest between sets. So let’s get to it! 

Week Workout 

Monday – Back and Biceps 

Week one begins – let’s go.  Walk: 30 Minutes of cardio before breakfast. We want to burn fat before any- thing else and get the body prepared for the day.  Weights: I would do this around 4 6 when you’re strongest. Or straight after work before dinner. 

Round 1 

Increase the weight little by little with each set.45 second between sets.  CHIN-UP : 1-2 SETS OF 8 REPS[WARM-UP]; 3 SETS OF 12,10,8 REPS SUPERSET :

If you cannot do many (or any) Chin-Ups, then stand on a stool to support some of your body weight. Hang down, and do the Chin-Up, pulling as hard as you can to pull up to the bar, and supporting as little of your weight on one foot. Superset the Chin-Ups with the Barbell Curls- do one Chin-Up set, then a Bar- bell set, then repeat until finished. 

Round 2 

Increase the weight little by little with each set.



Same as above if you cannot do many (or any) Pull-Ups. Superset the Pull-Up sets with the Dumbbell Biceps Curls. 

Round 3 

Increase the weight little by little with each set. 

T-BAR ROW : 3 SETS OF 15,12,8 REPS



Superset the Rows with the Dumbbell Reverse Curls. Reverse Curl means that your hands are facing away as you flex your elbow. 


Upon Waking: Have a long glass of warm water with lemon – either fresh lemon or pure lemon dripped in. Breakfast – Meal One • 1 x multivitamin • 2 Whole Eggs Scrambled • Mixed with Green beans cut up NUTRITION FACTS Calories: 409 Fat: 17.6 g Carbs: 20.6 g Protein: 16.3 g Lunch – Meal Two • Chicken Breast – With parsley, and bell peppers sliced up • Vegetables – 1-2 cups NUTRITION FACTS Calories: 318 Fat: 15g Carbs: 15g Protein: 24g Dinner – Meal Three • Tuna Steak • Rocket and sliced Red Peppers • Medium Sweet Potato NUTRITION FACTS Calories: 456 Fat: 17g Carbs: 29g Protein: 28g The Total Protein intake is 68.3 grams of protein. I would have 1 scoop of pro- tein – 25grams – after your workout making a grand total of 93.3. Notice how the carbs are minimal – except after your training. You can have carbs then, then stick with veg and fruit. 

Tuesday – Abs/Cardio + Nutrition Upon Waking: 

Have a long glass of warm water with lemon – either fresh lemon or pure lemon dripped in. Before Breakfast: These can be done later in the day 3 sets- 20 Crunches each set 3 sets- 25 Standing Twists each direction 3 sets- 20 Side-Lying Leg Lifts each direction Run: Again, do this later in the day, at least after the first meal. 25-minute run (remember to warm up and down) Try to walk as much as possible, later on to from work or to a further station etc. Breakfast – Meal One • 1 x multivitamin • 1 x Whey Protein shake – with peanut butter and a banana • 1 30gram x Bowl of Granola NUTRITION FACTS Calories: 561 Fat: 30.4 g Carbs: 26.2 g Protein: 28 g Lunch – Meal Two • 1 x Medium sized Tuna Steak • 1 x Cup Vegetables/salad NUTRITION FACTS Calories: 471 Fat: 33.2 g Carbs: 17 g Protein: 27 g Dinner – Meal Three • 2 Large Eggs Omelette with chopped green beans • 2 Rice Cakes • 1 x Peach 

NUTRITION FACTS Calories: 349 Fat: 14 g Carb: 25 g Protein: 16 g The Total Protein intake is 71 grams of protein. I would have 1 scoops of 
protein plus after your workout making a grand total of 96. 

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