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The Real Reason Your Body Changes: It Starts in the Kitchen 

You have to realize the real reason that your body changes before you can implement a strategy to carve out the body of your dreams. Many fitness enthusiasts looking to lose weight believe that starving them selves and count- ing calories is the quickest path to perfection.  

This really could not be farther from the truth. The people with the best bodies in the world do not starve themselves.  

Starving yourself and going on an extreme calorie reduction will cause you to lower your metabolism, lose lean muscle mass, and decrease your energy lev- els.  

Starving yourself is not a long-term solution to the body of your dreams. It’s a short term solution to stupidity and lack of knowledge on how to actually shape the body.  

You will be sculpting your dream body by using food and nutrient timing as a weapon to burn fat and build lean muscle mass in record time.  

Putting the right food in your body at the right time helps you transform so quickly because of the following benefits:  

1. Increases your Metabolism  

2. Increases your Fat Burning Hormones  

3. Increases your Muscle Building Hormones  

4. Increases your Energy Levels 

5. Healthier digestive System  

6. Increases your Overall Health  

7. Increases your Happiness  

Most people assume that building the body of their dreams is all about calo- ries in Vs calories out. While this is obviously a factor and you can’t have a lean and sexy body eating a major calorie surplus each day – it is the hormonal benefits of the foods we eat that causes incredible and long lasting changes.  

Now – let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this book and explain how you can start manipulating your body’s key fat burning, muscle building and metabolism boosting hormones through nutrient timing. 

The Fat Burning Blue Print (Maximize your Fat Burning Hor- mones Through Diet and Exercise) 

I have spent over a decade studying exercise science, nutrition, advanced train- ing techniques, and even got the opportunity along the way to brush shoulders with some of the world’s elite professional athletes.  

Learning the Science of how the human body operates and how quickly you can transform has always fascinated me.  

Helping people sculpt abs and a slim waist has always been my passion – as this is without a doubt the number one goal for most men and women.  

I like to think of myself as somewhat of a “six pack scientist” because I have tried just about every abs workout and every fat burning routine known to mankind!  

Six Pack abs are the ultimate symbol to a fit and healthy body. It shouts out to the world that you are a genetic masterpiece – and a resemblance of a Greek God/Goddess!  

You can’t have the ultimate body without having six pack abs. Everybody wants them – but very few have them.

To summarize The Fat burning Blue print will consist of the following regimen:  

1. Carbohydrate Timing for Fat Loss  

2. Manipulating your Body’s 7 Fat Burning Hormones.  

3. Midnight Snacks that help your Progress 

Step 1: Carbohydrate Timing For Fat Loss 

Let me guess – you think carbohydrates are the devil when trying to lose fat and stimulate your metabolism? This is actually quite the opposite. If you learn how to time your carbohydrates properly, it will actually enhance your physique, increase your metabolism and give you incredible amounts of en- ergy. 

You CAN’T build lean muscle mass, increase your metabolism, and burn fat optimally without carbohydrates. Yes – they are important if you learn how to use them properly.

Every single kind of carbohydrate has a different glycemic index and glycemic load. If you want to maximize your energy levels, workout intensity, metab- olism, fat burning and muscle building capabilities you need to be consuming carbohydrates at 3 specific times of the day. 

Waking up is actually a stressful time for your body and the stress hormone cortisol is released. This lowers your metabolism and hinders your muscle building potential. The best thing to counter act cortisol upon waking is by consuming a carbohydrate meal that will give you a long sustaining release of insulin throughout the morning. 

Not only will consuming carbohydrates at breakfast help you reduce your cor- tisol levels – but it will drastically increase your energy levels and prepare you for a great workout. 

Start your day off right with some slow release carbohydrates that will:  

1. Increase your energy levels all day  

2. Prepare you for your workout later in the day  

3. Reduce cortisol levels upon waking  

4. Reduce Sugar cravings for the rest of the day  

5. Help keep you full 

Make sure you buy plain old oatmeal. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat plain old oatmeal however – as I want to share my 3 favorite fat burning oat- meal recipes! 

1. Banana Cinnamon Oatmeal 

Make ½ to 2/3 Cup oatmeal. Sprinkle 3 tbsp ground cinnamon powder and stir into oatmeal. 

Next add 2 tbsp chia seeds for a major fiber and omega 3 boost! 

Lastly slice a banana and toss on top. 

Now you have a delicious bowl of fat burning oatmeal that will give you all day energy and help keep you full! 

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal 

Make ½ to 2/3 Cup oatmeal. 

Next add ½ Scoop Chocolate protein powder of your choice 

Slice up 6 strawberries and add bite size pieces into Oatmeal 

Enjoy your Chocolate covered Oatmeal! High in protein, fiber and slow digest- ing carbohydrates 

3. Pina Colada Oatmeal 

Make ½ to 2/3 Cup Oatmeal 

Next add 1 tbsp liquid coconut oil and 1 tbsp chia seeds 

Slice up a pineapple and add ¼ cup bite size chunks 

Top with 1 oz coconut milk 

Enjoy your tropical Pina colada oatmeal! High in omega 3, fiber, vitamin C, an- tioxidants and metabolism boosting Medium chain fats (from the coconut oil) 

Want more delicious breakfast options? We will be going through an entire meal plan and grocery store cheat sheet in a bit so if you are not a fan of oat- meal you will have many other delicious options! 

Here is a list of my favorite pre workout carbohydrate sources: 

Brown Rice, Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Red Skin Potatoes, Black beans, lentils, oatmeal, fresh fruit, apple sauce (no sugar added) 

Keep your proportions in check but consume enough for maximum energy and muscle glycogen. For a more detailed overview on pre workout nutrition make sure to reference my meal plan as I give exact calculations for men and women as far as grams of carbs per meal. 

Post Workout Insulin Spike 

The one time of the day where an insulin spike can actually help you build lean muscle mass is following a resistance training or high intensity cardio work- out. Insulin is actually the most anabolic hormone in your body and helps shuttle the amino acids from the protein into your cells following an intense workout. 

If your main goal is to build muscle mass this post workout shake is crucial. 

Step 2: Manipulating your Body’s 7 Fat Burning Hormones 

Now that we have the carbohydrate timing down for maximum fat burning and muscle building it is time to take our body composition knowledge to the next level!  

There are many other important hormones to understand besides insulin if you want to build the body of your dreams.  

I want to share the 7 most important fat burning hormones in your body and what you can do to take control of each one and create an incredible fat burn- ing environment in your body.  

With a few simple diet and exercise tips you will have a strangle hold on each of these vital fat burning hormones.  

This is your key to burning fat quickly and getting a flat stomach. Follow the tips throughout this guide to transform your physique and rev up that metab- olism around the clock.

How To Control Ghrelin for Weight Loss:  

So if eating fewer calories won’t lower your Ghrelin levels, are you pretty much destined to be starving forever? Of course not! I eat like a pig every single day and maintain abs because I incorporate all of these fat-burning rules into my every day life.  

There are a few ways to control your Ghrelin levels. The best way to control your Ghrelin levels is performing intense exercises such as High Intensity Interval Training.  

Performing High intensity exercise is your golden ticket to six-pack abs and controlling your Ghrelin levels. High intensity interval training involves work- ing out your body’s fast twitch muscle fibers, which are opposite of the muscle fibers trained when you are running or jogging. 

How To Control Leptin:  

There are a few healthy things you can do to maximize your leptin sensitivity, which is exactly what you want so you eat less and burn more calories. 

The 1st thing is just get quality sleep. If you are under slept and obese, you are creating an environment that can cause maximum leptin resistance, which will stunt your fat loss results.  

Losing weight quickly will also enhance your leptin sensitivity, so it is key that you are working out with intensity and performing at least 3-4 maximum inten- sity workouts per week.

This helps to create some positive momentum and in- creases your leptin sensitivity.  

Another diet trick to increase leptin sensitivity is to pack your diet full of antiox- idants. Antioxidant Rich green and red vegetables as well as green tea are excel- lent ways to control leptin. 

How to Control Glucagon:  

The easiest way to control your glucagon levels is to consume protein rich and low carbohydrate meals. This is precisely what we have laid out for you in the meal plan at the end of this book.  

While you consume carbohydrates at the vital times of the day to use Insulin to your advantage, the other meals of the day will be protein rich and low carbo- hydrate so you can control your glucagon levels.

The end result is a diet that maximizes the anabolic effects of insulin and the energy metabolism benefits of glucagon. 

How To Control Epinephrine:  

The best way to maximize Epinephrine’s fat burning effects in your body is high intensity interval training. Performing high intensity interval training such as sprints and other maximum intensity anaerobic activity turns on the epinephrine release in your body, so hit your fast twitch cardio workouts with maximum intensity and you will be shredded.  

There are a few all natural supplements that can help boost your epinephrine levels in your body.  My favorites are all natural organic coffee, matcha green tea, and Yohimbe. These are all natural sources and are astronomically better for you long term than energy drinks and stimulant based fat burners. 

Step 3: Midnight Snack Your Way to the Body Of Your Dreams 

Midnight snacks have a really bad reputation. By midnight snack I do not liter- ally mean something that you are eating at midnight but rather anything that you consume close to bedtime.  

Most would assume that eating anything late at night would be bad for fat loss and six pack abs.

To be honest I have been eating a late night snack almost every night for 3 years and have maintained a fitness model physique. How is this possible?  

One of the biggest factors manipulating your metabolism, fat loss and lean muscle gains are your anabolic hormones – which are produced when you go to sleep and enter your REM sleep cycle.  

Even if your main goal is fat loss, you can still eat a midnight snack. No need to starve yourself when you are fully equipped with the best fat loss hacks!  

One problem that I have encountered with everyone frustrated with their metabolism and body fat is poor diet choices late at night. Since eating late at night is a habit that is very hard to break – I have found that the best approach is to swap out the junk you have been putting in your body and replace it with muscle building power foods that will stimulate lean muscle growth, fat loss, and an incredible metabolism! 

Here are my 3 favorite midnight snacks for maximizing these crucial hor- mones, burning fat and carving out six-pack abs!  

1. 4 Ounces 93 Percent Grass Fed Beef sprinkled with Mrs. Dash Salt Free seasoning of Choice, Cayenne Pepper  


Use some fat free cooking spray and coat a non-stick skillet. Toss in about ¼ lb of lean grass fed beef and season it with as much Mrs Dash Salt Free seasoning and Cayenne Pepper as you want. Any kind of salt free sea- soning will work perfectly in this recipe.  

Cook for about 5-7 minutes, until the grass fed beef is at the temperature you desire.  

Total Calories: 164  

Protein: 23 

Fat: 8  

Carbohydrates: 0 

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